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Woven French Market Baskets

Reusable Vinyl Bags

Woven French Market Baskets
Rozzo Natural
Rozzo Natural

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Rozzo Natural Rozzo Natural Taza - shoulder straps Taza - shoulder straps
Taza - short handle Taza - short handle Jr. Taza Leather Jr. Taza Leather
Jr. Taza (NEW) Jr. Taza (NEW)  
Woven French Market Baskets
Woven with Leather Trim

Rozzo - 12" Tall, and 10"x19"
Taza Short Handle - 16" Tall, and 24"x10"
Taza Shoulder Strap- 14" Tall, and 21"x15"
Taza Junior Leather - 7" tall and 9"x9"
Taza Junior - 7" tall and 9"x9"
NEW Casablanca- 10" tall and 6"x17.5" (not pictured)
* as each bag is hand made, sizes and leather may vary slightly *
Note: Market baskets are not being made with metal grommets anymore due to manufacturing issues in France. Heavy duty stitching will replace metal grommets as new batches of markets baskets arrive from France. Thank you.

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